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About Us

Herbal SereniTea was created by a mother, school teacher, daughter, sister and friend who was forever changed by a cup of tea. Like many of you tea was provided as medicine to calm a sick stomach or ease the symptoms of a cold or flu. On other occasions it was used to cool and brighten a joyous celebration on a hot summer day. Most fondly, I remember hot tea being sipped down between fascinating stories, almost forgotten memories and loads of laughter on quiet evenings with my grandmother after all the other children had fallen to sleep. It is with those special moments in mind that Herbal SereniTea  was created. We promise to provide you with the finest quality of organic herbal, flavored fruit and floral teas. Our blends will help to comfort, encourage and inspire you in sickness and in health, we promise 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Herbal SereniTea
Life Begins with a Blend

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You can contact us at:
Herbal SereniTea or by phone at 248.842.5462.